Deivon Altorre

Heavily tattooed Varisian sorcerer, fabled to be the "Child Born of Destiny."


A proud Varisian sorcerer, Deivon stands 5’10" tall with a strong, lean, athletic build. His torso, arms, neck and jaw bone are covered in arcane old world tattoos which glow brightly in a similar magical hue as the spell he is about to cast. He is even tempered, even quiet at times, but when angered or in battle the veil of a calm demeanor falls away quickly.

  • My people tell me that I was born on a certain special day when a lunar eclipse encircled in blood red light appeared in the night sky. I was born with a certain mark on the inside of my right arm, and was proclaimed by the elders overseeing the birth to be “The Child Born of Destiny”. To many this means that I am destined to bring greatness, justice and peace to the Varisian people once again. As I aged and developed certain magical abilities, these feelings only heightened. However, to others it simply means I am an impostor, selfishly attempting to garner the attention of the elders and women.
  • Personally I am not sure what to believe. However, I do know that the elders have told me within my 20th year I will find my true path. The Goblin attack on Sandpoint, and the rag-tag band of (sadly) mostly Chelaxians I fought the goblins with may very well be this path. To be honest, I had never found much use of the Chelaxians in Sandpoint except perhaps for pillaging gambling money from their drunken throngs or the occasional use of their morally lacking females. But each member of the group certainly has their talents, to be sure.
  • The beautiful half-elven Cleric, Ayra, Mistress of Calistria has proven to be my favorite of the group. Both for her abilities at keeping us alive in battle and for keeping my loins alive along this little adventure. Her talents as a Cleric of Calistria are well practiced, and my advances towards her on the boat to Magnamar have proven time and time again to be a good decision.
  • The cocky “Ranger”, Lindin annoyed me greatly at first. He seemed a person who had heard too many hero stories as a younger boy, and spent his days spouting lines verbatim. But his talents are improving, and the death of his wanton brethren in the Black Arrows has seemed to mature the former farm boy who merely played at war.
  • The Dwarf, Bahne does what dwarves do. He swings his ax or his hammer and things die. He likes to drink, swear, and stink. This tended to annoy the high society Chelaxians at times, which only made me appreciate him more. Thankfully, his previous struggles at making contact with actual enemies early in our adventure seem to have lessened.
  • And finally, the self proclaimed “sell-sword”, Erikil. Or so he prefers to be called now. He can call himself whatever he likes, it makes no difference to me. He is a thief with a shaded past, but is doing something right in the world now. His talents have proved invaluable in many battles, and he’s a funny little bugger too.

Deivon Altorre

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