Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Ayra's letter to her mother - 2

Lenoriel Greenwillow
Temple of Calistria

Dear Mother,

I’m about to go off into the hinterlands for few weeks, so I thought I’d write and update you on recent events. There’s been more fighting, but nothing too worrisome. Life outside the Temple is even more interesting than I’d hoped.

That druid leader of the Skinsaw cult I mentioned in my last letter turned out to be a half-snake sorceress living in an old clock tower. She turned poor Erekhil into stone and nearly killed Deivon (he’s the Varisian sorcerer I’ve taken up with – I think I mentioned him in my last letter) but fortunately Lindin and Bahne managed to kill her.

I’ve begun to appreciate the deterministic effects of violence; it’s such a definitive solution to any number of problems. It surprises me that I never used to consider it as an option. I’ve spent so much time talking to people, trying to convince them of various courses of action, when in many cases killing them is both a more efficient use of resources and has a more predictable outcome. The Skinsaw cult killed people for nearly an opposite reason: to see what unpredictable effects an individual’s death might have in the world. Isn’t that interesting? I think there might be a paper in that.

Anyway, the effect that the snake lady’s death had is that we are now “Champions of Magnimar” (this is in addition to being “Heroes of Sandpoint”), and the Lord Mayor gave us rather a rich reward. At first I was uncomfortable about accepting payment from the plutocrat head of a corrupt bureaucratic hierarchy, but it was a tremendously large reward, so I made my peace with it. There was a banquet with bards, I spent a lot of money on useful magic items, and my companions and I returned to Sandpoint. Erekhil had turned back to human flesh by this point.

I’ve enclosed a gift for you. The glass wasp was blown by Brennus Seisyll, the new master of the famous Sandpoint Glassworks. I thought you might like it. I’ve also enclosed a scroll of Make Whole, in case I didn’t follow Brennus’s packing instructions correctly.

I’ll be out of non-magical touch for a few weeks. Deivon is taking me to meet his clan in the Varisian uplands. Some of the tribal elders still won’t talk to me because I look Chelaxian to them, but I think enough of the others will be communicative that I’ll be able to finish gathering material for my thesis. I’ve decided on a title: “Chosen One: Fate and Free Will in Varisian Tribal Culture”. I think it has a nice ring to it.

I hope everything is going well at the Temple. Give my love to everyone there,

love, Ayra xoxo



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