Tsuto's Journal

After the circled battle map:

The raid went about as planned. A few goblins perished, as expected, but we were able to secure Tobyn’s casket with ease while the fools in Sandpoint were distracted by the raid. I cannot wait for the real raid. This town certainly needs a burning, that’s for sure.

After the last of the second batch of maps:

Ripnugget seems to favor the overwhelming land approach, but, I don’t think it’s the wisest plan. We should get the quasit’s aid. Send her freaks up from below through the old smuggler’s tunnel in my father’s glassworks, and then invade from the river and from the glassworks in smaller, but focused strikes. The rest, except for Bruthazmus agree, but I’m pretty sure the bugbear’s just being contrary to annoy me. Such an ass. My love, so beautiful, so wild, is too distracted by the lower chambers to make a decision. She claims that once Malfeshnekor is released, and under her command, we won’t need to be subtle. I hope she right.

Before the last erotic illustration:

My love seems bent on going through with it, nothing I can say convinces her of her beauty. She remains obsessed with removing what she calls her ‘celestial taint’ and replacing it with her Mother’s grace. Burning her father’s remains at the Thistletop shrine seems to have started the transformation. I can’t say her new hand is pleasing to me, but her passion has been renewed. I’ve never been so fully satisfied. Hopefully, when she offers Sandpoint to Lamashtu’s fire, her new body won’t be as hideous. Maybe I’ll be fortunate. Succubi are demons, too, no?

Tsuto's Journal

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