Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Meeting the Skinsaw Man
Erekhil: Ghoul Whisperer

Rova 19, 4707AR

After finishing searching the upper levels of Foxglove Manor, and hearing pounding and angry shrieking from the levels below, our heroes decided to make their way down into the bowels of the manor. Along the way, disturbing patterns that appeared to depict our heroes were discovered in the mold and dense spider webs of the house. The group continued downward with their trademark steely resolve.

Welcome to the Misgivings
Bahne, why are you jumping out the window?

Foxglove manor

Rova 18-19, 4707 AR

Returning from investigating the body of Rynshinn Povalli, Ayra and Lindin met up with their comrades in arms. The group, thinking it wise Ayra not sleep in her own room, devised a clever strategy to trap whatever creature was making nightly visits to the half-elf’s room.

With Lindin and Bahne (dressed as a drunken bum) hidden in the alley, Erekhil disguised, convincingly, as Ayra and feigning sleep in her room, and Deivon and Ayra in Erekhil’s room as backup. With Deivon asking awkwardly about Ayra cooter smell, the players waited to spring their trap.

A Suspect Revealed
Surviving the Hambley Farm

Rova 18, 4707 AR

Continuing their way through the fog, our heroes battled their way through the ghoul infested cornfield. Making good use of Ayra’s Deathwatch spell, the group was able to detect incoming undead threats and prepare for them.

With Lettie Guffman, the wounded woman the party rescued, staying strong and carrying a torch for the Sandpoint Five, the party continued on to find her husband, Horran, who was also suffering advanced stages of ghoul fever.

Looking for a place to hole-up, Lindin asked the Guffman’s if they were near the Hambley house or barn. Horran knew they were and guided them to the house and barn. As they were moving, it was decided that the group would camp in the upper level of the barn, destroying the ladders or stairs leading up to protect their position.

Unraveling the Murder Mystery
The Undead Stalk the South

Rova 17-18, 4707 AR

Finishing up their interrogations in the cells beneath Sandpoint’s garrison, our heroes are soon summoned to the mayor’s office where they are summoned to a lovely meeting with Lord Titus Scarnetti, the mayor and the sheriff and a smarmy Scarnetti sycophant. But first, they meet Lord Scarnetti’s lieutenant, Flavius d’Esdras. He clearly doesn’t have the making of an in-town foil to our heroes.

Murder Most Foul
CSI: Sandport

Rova 14-17, 4707 AR

With the giant hermit crab defeated, Erekhil healed, and in a defensible position, our heroes decided it would was time to take a breather, eat some rations and decide on their next plan of action. When they finished eating, they banded together and spent some time gathering the long forgotten coins and gems in the abandoned treasury.

Figuring to get as much gold and silver out as they can, the group searched Thistletop for any type of bag they could find, and thankfully, there were plenty sacks around. So, they packed the bags full and loaded them on the sturdy back and shoulders of their token dwarf.

Clearing Thistletop
Lindin Makes a Friend

After resting, and leaving the body of Nualia in the guard tower, the heroes of Sandpoint defeated the goblin dogs prancing around the exercise yard of Thistletop. It was at that point that they noticed two dead goblins laying and rotting by a wooden cage, boarded up for good measure. Ayra, using her potent skills as a healer, deduced that these two goblins were killed by a heavy blow to the head, possibly a horse’s hoof. The soft, weak neighing coming from the boarded up cage seemed to confirm that deduction.

Delving into Thistletop
Finding Nualia

Determined to flush out the perpetrators of the goblin assault on Sandpoint, our heroes decide to head towards the area Orik told them they would find Lyrie and Nualia.

Heading north, they first encounter a dimly lit cathedral dedicated to Lamashtu, emitting an eerie crimson glow. Erekhil peers into this room to spy two flying yeth hounds that begin to bay in a terrifying manner.

Assaulting Thistletop
The Snatch Bucket Gets Full

Leaving the the goblin druid to his own devices, fully armed and with all his gear, our heroes got down to planning how do cross the bridge to assault the fort. With concern for the lone goblin sentry watching from his tower, their safety and thinking the bridge did not meet OSHA standards, Erekhil went cautiously across the bridge first. Making it across safely, he secured the ropes holding the bridge together and tied a safety rope to the bridge support stakes.

Infiltrating the Tunnels of Thistletop
Introducing Deivon the Barbarian

After scavenging the dead goblins and hiding their bodies, Lindin Vandroxan, using his patented ranger skills, found a goblin trail through the dense Nettlewood, heading northward, toward Thistletop. Wending their way through the narrow, twisting path, Lindin spied what appeared to be a repurposed tent in a small clearing ahead.

Bahne's Epic Fail
How a Lack of Common Sense can Hurt Your Friends

Ayra spends some time investigating the odd, red plated, spherical, zero-gravity room; taking the bottle of wine and the well illustrated tome bearing the symbol of Lamashtu. She attempts to communicate with who or whatever is forming words in the room. While she doesn’t manage to communicate with the entity, when she does address it, there seems to be a renewed urgency in the formation of runes.

After she felt confident she discovered all she could, you all attempted to descend the stairwell you found. After traveling down about ten feet, the stairwell ended in the broken rubble of a cave in. Turning back, you made you way back to the only area you haven’t investigated, the stairwell up from the red marble statue.


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