Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

The Spires of Xin-Shalast
The Spires Have a Bite

Lamashan 29 – Neth 1, 4708 AR

Reliving their amazing beat down of three dragons and two rune giants, the Heroes of Sandpoint recharged their battered bodies in the skulks’ domain and plotted upcoming strategy. Two schools of thought were discussed: continue to thin out Karzoug’s forces in the lower city or strike immediately for the upper city, the Spires of Xin-Shalast.

Spotted by the Dragons
The Streets Run Red with Blood

Lamashan 28 – 29, 4708 AR

Taking the day after climbing the hidden stairs to reconnoiter the skies, trying to find a pattern to the dragons’ flight plans, and the streets, for giant patrol’s patterns, the Heroes of Sandpoint realized the dragons, mercurial, fly to the beat of their own wings, while the giants marched in more predictable patterns. So, armed with this information, our noble band decided to lure the flying beasts to the coliseum and defeat them there before their giant allies can come to their aid.

Climbing the Hidden Stairs
Something Hungry Lurks Above

Lamashan 26 – 27, 4708 AR

After recovering from their assault on Ghlorofaex’s lair, our noble heroes spent the rest of their day planning their next move against Karzoug and his minions in Xin-Shalast. After some discussions and greasy fish stew, they decided to investigate this “hidden passage” up the mountain the skulks described, hoping it provided a safe passage up towards the Spires at the peak of Mhar Massif.

With spells and weapons ready, and Erekhil bringing some absorbent mushrooms, the Heroes of Sandpoint headed up to the surface, carefully and quietly, out of the Lair of the Spared, and towards what appeared to be an unassuming guard post, but was in reality the home of the stairway through the mountain.

Dragon Hunting
Unfinished Business

Lamashan 25 – 26, 4708 AR

As our heroes received healing and discussed their next step, the red, hungry eyes of wraiths circled high above them in the shadowy recesses of the arena basement. These watching undead appeared to scout our stalwart group’s position, then would fly off upwards and beyond the reach of any light.

Contining to Explore the Ruins of Xin-Shalast
Whoa...That's a Potent Spell...

Lamashan 25, 4708 AR

With their undead foe defeated, the Heroes of Sandpoint began to heal their battered bodies and began to search for whatever treasure they could find in this house of death. Bahne Verember, recently returned from a brief visit to Torag’s Hall, surveyed the stonework and the structure and deduced that hollowed columns and hollowed niches in the floor.

Finding Death in the Spolarium
Again, a Hero Falls

Lamashan 23 – 25, 4708 AR

With a secure base from which to operate, our Heroes spent the next few days healing any lingering wounds or damage and scouting the Spared’s exits, taking note of the landmarks that will guide their way as they set out from the caverns into the town itself.

The group discussed their possible options, debating whether to make their way to Karzoug’s lair high on the peak of Mhar Massif in his stronghold of the Pinnacle of Avarice or whether they should explore the city, hunting for any clues or additional items which will aid them in their inevitable encounter with the Runelord of Greed.

Finding Allies; Finding Death
Explorations in the Deep

Lamashan 18 – 22, 4708 AR

Cowering in their hiding spot, terrified that foemen may discover them, the Heroes of Sandpoint spent two days recovering from their ordeal, healing and restoring lost lifeforce. Aside from hearing heavy footfalls in the distance, our heroes were left alone, unmolested, to recuperate.

Entering Xin-Shalast
Our Heroes are Pushed to the Brink

Lamashan 18, 4708 AR

A sudden explosion from a thunderstone thrown by one of the vile, flying creatures started a stampede of angry aurochs heading straight for our heroes. Avoiding the giant beasts as best as they could, the Heroes of Sandpoint rallied themselves to face these flying foes and gain entrance to the city of Xin-Shalast; the city they’ve sought these long weeks.

At the Gates of Xin-Shalast
A Good Olde Fashion Varisian Beatdown

Lamashan 16-18, 4708 AR

After laying low the fearsome Frost Giants, our heroes tended to their wounds and then resolutely followed the path to Xin-Shalast. While the discovery of the remnants of a golden road might arise excitement in the hearts of most adventurers, that was not the case of this stalwart band.

Nay, this group complained that the giant bricks weren’t made of solid gold. The Runelords just cannot win with these characters…

Continuing their Climb up the Kodars
Finding an Unexpected Ally

Lamashan 14 – 16 AR

With healing at a premium, the group was restored to their maximum effectiveness, and the Heroes of Sandpoint pushed on, ever northward, and ever upwards toward the fabled city of Xin-Shalast. The biting wind and stinging snow made their travel slow and treacherous at such altitudes, but they did not waver, resolutely making progress.

The early morning violence receded into the back of our heroes minds, but their mountain trained ranger, Lindin Vandroxan, and their eagle-eyed sell-sword, Erkhil, were ever on the alert for danger.


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