Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Assaulting Fort Rannik
How to Make Quick Work of Ogres

Neth 20-21, 4707 AR

With the assault plan settled upon, our heroes gathered what gear they could from the woodsmen’s compound and set out into the bitter late fall night. The wind blowing down from the Hook was punishing, chilling all through their cold weather gear.

Planning the assault on Fort Rannick
The collected geekmails

As you watch the body of Kavan Windstrike dangle from the branch, you notice the rain seems to have slowed and finally stop. It’s roughly 6:30, fully dark and cold this evening. A bitter wind blows down from the Hook, chilling everyone.

Guests of the Grauls
A Traitor Exposed

Neth 20, 4707 AR

Rescuing the three Black Arrow rangers from their filthy cells, the Priestess of Calistria, with the help of her Korvosan sell-sword companion, began to examine the extent of their injuries and performing a Lore Keeper check on each ranger. As she and the Erekhil examined the youngest of the Black Arrows, they noticed an odd tattoo on his left calf: a Sihedron Rune.

Heading Up the Hook
Hillbilly Horror

Neth 17-Neth 20, 4707 AR

After talking to the aged mayor of Turtleback Ferry, our heroes went to the Turtle Parlor Inn to get situated, stable their mounts and get the lay of the land.

Ayra, choosing to commune with her goddess, stayed at the inn while Bahne stabled Rosu and Vulturnus in the inn’s stable and Deivon and Erekhil went to the Kramm farmstead to stable the remaining mounts. Shalelu, who already stabled her horse, left a message with Thyra Shreed at the inn that she was scouting up the road and will return to brief the group this evening.

Traveling to Turtleback Ferry
Brigands Learn a Painful Lesson

Neth 6-Neth 17, 4707 AR

Using their connections in town, Sheriff Godfrey and Sir Evered, our heroes were able to procure the items they needed for their journey to Fort Rannik, most of the mundane items were gotten at a discount. After getting that gear organized in the stables for their early morning departure, the five headed to the Black Panther Inn and Tavern where the Lord-Mayor had reserved five rooms for them.

As they finished the evening, sipping ale and eating a late dinner, Erekhil icing his sore buttocks, Lindin received a Sending from the elven ranger, Shalelu Andosana. It seems she, too, has business at Fort Rannik and will meet the group at The Lean-To in Wartle on the road to the fort.

Ayra's letter to her mother - 2

Lenoriel Greenwillow
Temple of Calistria

Dear Mother,

I’m about to go off into the hinterlands for few weeks, so I thought I’d write and update you on recent events. There’s been more fighting, but nothing too worrisome. Life outside the Temple is even more interesting than I’d hoped.

That druid leader of the Skinsaw cult I mentioned in my last letter turned out to be a half-snake sorceress living in an old clock tower. She turned poor Erekhil into stone and nearly killed Deivon (he’s the Varisian sorcerer I’ve taken up with – I think I mentioned him in my last letter) but fortunately Lindin and Bahne managed to kill her.

The Battle Under the Shadow
New Adventures Await...

Rova 23-Neth 6, 4707 AR

With a wide-eyed city watchman trying his best to do what he was taught in the academy, Grennel began to “take statements” from our five heroes. Ayra, wishing to speak with the dead Justice Ironbrier chose to go last, and Lindin lead Grennel upstairs for the interviews to provide Ayra solitude.

The justice’s spirit in death was strong and wasn’t particularly helpful. He did inform the half-elf cleric that his Mistress will “feast on her flesh…” But, beyond that he proved a difficult subject to question.

Breaking the Skinsaw Cult
Splitting Up is Rarely a Good Idea...

Rova 21-23, 4707 AR

Our heroes began a thorough search of the Foxglove Townhouse, with Erekhil, Lindin and Deivon taking it room by room and Ayra and Bahne searching the courtyard in the back, apparently trying to get an invite to the party going on a few doors down.

Ayra's letter to her mother

Lenoriel Greenwillow
Temple of Calistria

Dear Mother,

I’m sorry I haven’t written. It’s been a busy few weeks.

My journey along the Lost Coast was pleasant and uneventful until I arrived at Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival. Goblins attacked the cathedral consecration ceremony, and I happened to be standing next to a few competent fighters who defended the townspeople. We were collectively hailed as heroes, asked to do some community service, and I’ve been working and traveling with these four men (well, males) since, studying Varisian culture as the opportunity presents itself.

Meeting the Skinsaw Man
Erekhil: Ghoul Whisperer

Rova 19, 4707AR

After finishing searching the upper levels of Foxglove Manor, and hearing pounding and angry shrieking from the levels below, our heroes decided to make their way down into the bowels of the manor. Along the way, disturbing patterns that appeared to depict our heroes were discovered in the mold and dense spider webs of the house. The group continued downward with their trademark steely resolve.


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