Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Ascending the Storval Stairs
Giants Await our Heroes

Desnus 11-12, 4707 AR

Making camp the last night before ascending the Storval Stairs at Fort Lamplack, our heroes gathered gear and honed their weapons. They also met with the fort’s commanders and gathered what information they could about the current state of affairs in the region and what they might expect after they reach the Storval Plateau.

After their discussion, before they bedded down for the evening, Ayra used her powers of divination to Scry on the captured Sir Gavin Deverin. After casting her spell, Ayra was able to deduce that Sir Gavin had been beaten severely, tied naked to a large tree that appeared to be implanted into fresh earth. Also, through her spell, Ayra could spy the figure of Ibor Thorn, also beaten severely and tied to a tree. Both had Sihedron Runes tattooed on their chests.

Giant's Withdraw from Sandpoint
Making For Janderhoff

Desnus 9-11, 4707 AR

Dragon taunts, burning wood, stones hitting earth and wood, screams for help, screams of agony are the sounds that greeted our heroes after dispatching the dire bears and stone giants wreaking havoc along Undercliff Way. Reacting quickly to the cries for help coming from the backpack worn by one of the dead stone giants, the group discovered the mangled remains of Aella, a Varisian bar wench from Risa’s Place and the bruised, but living body of tanner, Larz Rovanky.

Return to Sandpoint
Stone Giants Strike

Stone giants raid sandpoint2

Gozran 26 – Desnus 9, 4707 AR

Caught in the range of the Hellknight Signifier’s Sonic Burst spell, our heroes braced to defend Mildrith Kramm and take the fight to Hellknights.

The mounted knights charged their huge warhorses into the group, their lances delivering terrible blows as their magical support assaulted the Champions of Magnimar with their offensive spells. With Ayra stunned by the sonic attack, Erekhil went to check on the health of his companion while his comrades unleashed death.

Winter on the Hook
An Innocent Falls

Kuthona 27, 4707 – Gozran 26, 4708 AR

Under the cold drizzle, our heroes investigated the ancient Thassilonial monument on the crest of Fanan. While Lindin continued to seek dragon tracks, Ayra and Deivon studied the stones. Coming up with several theories on the purpose of the stone monument, the group began to discuss a plan of attack for confronting the dragon, Crin’Norlithym.

Not wishing to confront the dragon in such an open, vulnerable position, the group sought out his lair, hoping to take the fight to the dragon.

Claiming the Kreeg Clanhold
Bitter Hollow's Meager Possessions

Kuthona 6-27, 4707 AR

After defeating the covey of hags, getting a finger from the now dead corpse of Lamatar de Bayden, and Erekhil getting dressed after returning to his natural form from his toad incarnation, our heroes formed a plan to continue exploring the Kreeg Clanhold. Recalling that they bypassed two cavern paths, Erekhil fired up a torch and he and Lindin backtracked to the tunnel that extended upwards from the clanhold entrance.

In the torchlight, they discovered what they believed to be a shrine to Lamashtu, quietly bringing Ayra to the sight for verification, the half-elf agent of Calistria agreed that it was, indeed, a shrine to Lamashtu.

Ascending the Hook
Does Anyone Have Toad Clothing?

Kuthona 2-6, 4707 AR

Although, Vale expressed concern about the Whitewillow, telling Lindinthat it was “queer” and “unnatural,” home of the “trickster fey” and “if you believe the rumors,” there is a portal to the First World near Whitewillow, Lindin, Bahne and Erekhil decided that they committed to seeking out Myrainna and they would do it. Yap was thrilled by the news and flew around the room excitedly. Then flew around the group excitedly as they rode to Turtleback Ferry.

He then flew around the group excitedly when the got to Turtleback Ferry. And more so when they got into the Bottom’s Up so Lindin could talk to the fisherman, Arn Longcaster, who, according to Vale, had some kind of relation with the former commander of Fort Rannik, Lamatar de Bayden.

The Floodgates Open
A Visitor From Whitewillow

Neth 26-Kuthona 2, 4707 AR

With the rain pelting down on our five intrepid heroes, the remaining Kreeg ogre stood his ground, growling with ferocious anger. Malugus Kreeg gripped his rusty ogre hook and strode forward to slaughter those who interrupted his work high on Skull Crossing.

Then, he died in a hail of arrows, magic and hammer blows.

Turtleback Ferry Floods
Fight on Skull Crossing

Skull crossing3

Neth 21-26, 4707 AR

With Fort Rannik reclaimed in the name of all that is good and righteous, our heroes retired to Turtleback Ferry to nurse their wounds and deliver their report.

When the group returned to the town, a sense of relief and joy washed over the town, but it was tempered by the memory of all who died in the ogre assault. At Bottoms Up, the local tap, the town gathered to hear tales of our heroes’ adventures and to hear the fate of the Black Arrows, many of whom were friends.

A Letter to Shayliss Vender
Lindin's all grown up...

Neth 21, 4707 AR


As I write you, I am torn between feelings of grief and elation. Gunthred Ullen, my dearest friend, is dead; the victim of a betrayal unimaginable to good, honest folk. Yet by avenging his death, I have been delivered to a most noble and just undertaking. By this time tomorrow, I will be Lord Lindin Vandroxan, protector of the realm and Lord of Fort Rannik.

Even though our time apart has been brief, I cannot remember the trivialities that existed between us, nor do I wish to revisit them. I have a realm and an Order for which I am responsible, and would ask you to join me in this task as my wife and Lady.

I shall return to Sandpoint in the Spring. With your approval, I shall wed thee at Aethelstan, and then we shall take our leave and come to Fort Rannik.

Send me your answer as soon as may be.


Delving into Fort Rannik
Our Heroes' Luck Runs Thin

Neth 21, 4707 AR

With weapons drawn, blood dripping off blades and hammer, our heroes had no time for talk as their dwarven death-dealer, Bahne Vermeber charged into the destroyed barracks to bring his brand of vengeance against any ogre he found. His hammer pounded into ogre bodies as ogre hooks bit deep into his flesh. The dwarf’s comrades joined the fray, Erekhil sprang into the battle, his war razor biting deeply into Farlegg Maluk’s forehead, causing the blood to pour into the ogre’s eyes.


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