Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Living the Good Life
A Blast from the Past

Letting the good times roll in Sandpoint, Wealday, three days after the goblin assault, our local heroes were invited to dinner and drinks at Risa’s Place, the local neighborhood pub.

Bahne, busy working, got word while he was sweating taking down the festival bleachers, while Deivon was informed at Madame Niska’s. Bahne got word to the rest of the crew, but, when he heard Kerwin had ridden hard from Æthestan, the Vandroxan estate, he figured Lindin would be busy with family stuff for most of the day. And he was.

Party in Sandpoint
They Become Fast Friends

Pzo1107 goblin fire brigade

It was a wonderfully bright, warm first day of autumn and the Swallowtail Festival and temple consecration was upon the town of Sandpoint. The townsfolk were geeked out, and Sandpoint resembled a Renaissance Faire for the event.

With the crowd gathered and the VIPs in their booth, the Swallowtail Festival began promptly at 11:30 with a crowd pleasing, up beat, humorous speech from Mayor Deverin. With the crowd pumped and excited, the mayor introduced Sheriff Hemlock who’s dry, dour, monotone, depressing and overly long speech on safety and the tragedy of the past.

Chirp, chirp…Chirp, chirp…


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