Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Rimeskull, Part II
Bitch Tits Don't Lie

Sarenith 12-13, 4708 AR

Down the stairs they went, retreating from their ignominious defeat at Rimeskull’s peak, as the biting wind blew strong against them. But, they withdrew safely to the rocky shores of Lake Stormunder, without any incident, and Lindin found the best defensible position to make camp.

Since there was no mystery as to their location, they gathered what wood they could from the bleak landscape and lit a warming fire. If Death was coming, the Heroes of Southport would face it on their terms. Then, as night progressed, high in the north in the spring, the sun set late in the evening, as Lindin set took the first watch.

Defeat at Rimeskull
The Sorcerer Silenced

Sarenith 12, 4708 AR

When, high near the peak of Rimeskull, the bust of Karzoug stopped glowing, a Sihedron shaped key bearing the Greed Rune appeared in the carved mouth. As the wind whipped cold against the Heroes of Sandpoint, Ayra claimed the key and moved to the next bust, that of Krune, and cast a spell from the School of Conjuration into the ancient stone, beginning the key manifesting process again.

Travels to Rimeskull
Watch Your Coin Purse...

Desnus 24 – Sarenith 12, 4708 AR

Violence was undertaken against the demon in the Lamashtu temple, as, with a raspy hiss, Xalissia opened a Dimension Door behind him and, while holding the sell-sword, blinked away.

But, that was not the most pressing concern for the rest of our heroes as the demon, called from the Abyss cast an Unholy Blight over them. And still the fight raged.

Once More to Sandpoint
Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend?

Desnus 20-24, 4707 AR

Thankfully, the new stone giants were not foes. It was a group led by Conna the Wise coming to aid the group.

She took charge of the situation and, taking Mokmurian’s head, told the group to remain here, she’ll find someone to aid Ayra. While Deivon put Ayra’s ashes in a bag, the rest of the survivors used this time to search the area thoroughly. Erekhil and Lindin discovered a series of maps and notes, in giant, on what must have been Mokmurian’s work desk.

Mokmurian Found
A Hero Falls

Desnus 20, 4707 AR

On they went, through the Thasillonian made hallways lit by glowing crystals set into the walls. A thin sheet of acrid smoke greeted Erekhil as he made his way forward in the point position of the FTOJ. Peering into a large chamber, he saw the giant cauldron Bahne’s dwarf-kin spoke of. The room was lit unnervingly by a reddish glow from the slowly burning flames under the cauldron.

The cauldron, emblazoned with the Sihedron Star, bubbled and was surrounded by a halo of human bones and fragments of what could only be dried flesh. A creature of stone with a carved, skeletal face guarded the room, but did not stir when Erekhil poked his head in for a look. However, once he entered, the stone golem lurched to attack.

The Heroes of Sandpoint, in turn, sprang to the challenge.

Clearing the Stone Giant's Caverns
So, We're Heading Back Up?

Desnus 20, 4707 AR

Things were not looking good for our heroes as the lamia priestess punished the group with spells and a stone giant guard pummeled the blinded Erekhil. But, these heroes would not be deterred. Focusing might and magic on their foes, they soon killed the stone giant, leaving the priestess alone.

Or so they thought.

Thoughts of Selevar, High Priestess of Lamashtu
As translated from the original Thassilonian.

Desnus 19-20, 4707 AR

How pathetic. Here they come… the Heroes of Sandpoint. I heard they felled the Jotenblood hill giant, Lokansir, no easy task, and rescued one of our Sihedron sacrifice candidates. That was not expected, and now they’re entering Jorgenfist again.

Things Are Not Well
Musings of a Stone Giant

Desnus 15-19, 4707 AR

Well, this has been an unexpected series of days. Two days past, we all woke from our slumber with the alarm bell going strong. It seems those little folk from the land below the Rise killed Cinderma, the Taiga giantess of the watchtower, and her two ettin bodyguards. That took skill and power. That giantess was no pushover in martial skill, and defeating two ettins is no small feat, either.

What A Pretty Song
An Ally Found

Desnus 15, 4707 AR

Thwack, Smack, Thud and Kick greeted the half-elf cleric as she was pummeled unconscious by an approaching stone giant. Erekhil, facing the other stone giant, fared much better as that giant’s blows did land solidly. However, the crazed kobold still wreaked havoc on our heroes.

But, they would not be intimidated.

This Isn't Going Our Way
The Musings of One Bahne Verember

Desnus 12-15, 4707 AR

Well, after dustin’ ourselves off and gettin’ some healing from the she-elf, she, Lindin and I raced around the corner of that cliff-thing where we had heard some noise. No sooner than we got ourselves around that cliff-thing, we sees Erekhil and Deivon running straight for us like the Hells themselves was on ‘em. And, they kind of was, as some giant-kin was hootin’ and hollerin’ as the two humans was runnin’ off, dodgin’ boulders a stone giant was throwin’, purposefully in their way to make ‘em dodge and change course.

I shouldn’t think it was funny to see, but…BAH…it was funny to see. I’m chucklin’ to meself, now, just thinkin’ about it.


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