Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Defeating the Wendigo
The Kodars Strike

Lamashan 1 – 14, 4708 AR

With the full fury of the blizzard’s snow and wind punishing the Heroes of Sandpoint, the Wendigo launched a series of devastating strafing attacks upon the group. Turning to mist, then reappearing, the Wendigo kept up with this strategy, toying with the group. It then focused its attention to the individual he’s visited each night: Erekhil. The Wendigo then flew in, picking up the sell-sword from Korvosa and flying away with him, turning them both into mist.

Strange Events in the Vekker Cabin
A Trip into the Kodars

Rova 28 – Lamashan 1, 4708 AR

With a blizzard raging outside the Vekker’s cabin, in the darkness of the landing, an old wheelbarrow and a wooden door greeted the darkvision enhanced sell-sword. Below him, Erekhil heard the pained grunts of his wounded companions as they got to their feet, then the words of prayers to Calistria as Ayra healed her comrades. Erekhil gave the “all clear” to the rest of the crew on the ground floor of the stairwell, and his companions began to climb the stairs.

Leaving the Runeforge
Entering the Kodars

Arodus 12 – Rova 28, 4708 AR

With Highlady Athroxis and her demon lieutenant striking quickly and brutally with claw, spell, or martial steel, our heroes knew that surviving the Runeforge may not be their fate. The battle was vicious as the champion of the Halls of Wrath, for thousands of years training only for combat, was happy to mete out punishment as violently as possible. The Shemazion Demon, a creature of unparalleled cruelty, also waded into combat with sadistic glee.

One Stands Against Many
That Dude's Got A Lot of Teeth

Searching the entire hallway and discovering no exit, the group’s attention fell to the two ten-foot wide circles, one red, and one blue, with arcane script at the far end of the hall. Ayra and Deivon began to study them. Detecting strong Conjuration magic in the form of a Teleport spell, the spell casters deduced that one of these circles is the doorway to the rest of the Hall.

With the alarm still sounding in the hall, the Heroes of Sandpoint decided on using try the blue circle first. Realizing the circle was only big enough to allow four of them to enter at a time, the group elected to send their fighter, the dwarf, Bahne Verember, up first, then the rest would follow.

A Pool of Magic
A Deal Negotiated

Ordikan struck quickly, spells blasting our heroes as they scrambled for cover and good attack angles. Ayra, Agent of Calistria, punished by Ordikan’s Disintegration spell, recovered enough to withdraw and begin healing her broken body as Bahne Vermeber, dwarven fighter, charged into the laboratory, hammer in his rugged hands, ready to strike.

A Lich Falls
A Cleric May, Too

After discuss and planning, and raising Deivon from the dead, again, our intrepid heroes returned to the Crypts of Gluttony to try their hand at the lich, Kazaven. Forgoing stealth for speed, the group, in their patented FTOJ formation, swiftly entered the crypts.

Exploring the Crypts of Gluttony
Deivon Has a Bad Day

Sarineth 28 – Erastus 17, 4708 AR

Becoming skilled in the high art of running away, our heroes ran away with trained perfection and returned to the Shimmer Veils of Pride to ponder their next move. Realizing they need their Varisian sorcerer to be back to full strength, it was decided that they’d take the two weeks to restore his lost lifeforce and be at maximum combat effectiveness for their next infiltration of the Crypts of Gluttony.

Deeper Into the Runeforge
The Darkness of the Crypts

Sarenith 17-28, 4708 AR

Retreating from their beat down, our heroes put their heads together to discuss a plan of attack while trapped in the Runeforge. Over time, several theories and plans materialized. Then, the group made a decision to put into motion one of their plans.

Into the Runeforge
Let's Just Pretend That Never Happened...

Sarenith 14-16, 4708 AR

Stepping into the Runeforge, our heroes felt the refreshing effects of the magical site. Thirst, hunger and any fatigue they may have felt was washed away as they entered. Any wounds our heroes suffered, however, were not healed, but on they marched. Ayra noticed some of her spells had ended, alerting her to the fact that the group was no longer on Golarian and the material plane.

Taking stock of the giant, 100 foot wide circular room, with its looming statues of the Runelords, the Heroes of Sandpoint noticed a large pool of water in the middle of the room. Erekhil, the Sell-Sword of Korvosa, made his way to the pool to dip his hand in the water. As he dipped, he was overcome by a wave of magical energy which assaulted his senses, but he was able to shake of the debilitating effects and noticed the water felt alternating ice cold and burning hot to the touch, then quickly withdrew from the pool.

Rimeskull, Part III
OK...This Time We Got This...

Sarenith 13-14, 4708 AR

Searching the tunnels for their dragon foe, looking to kill him, our heroes discovered a series of passages that at one time must have extended deep into the mountain, but now are mostly caved in ruins.

The group first traveled through Karzoug’s tunnel, then Krune and Belimarius. However, when they entered the tunnel behind Sorshen’s statue, a windstorm began to blow along with heavy snows that quickly accumulated on the ground.


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