Kavan Windstrike

Young Ranger in the Order of the Black Arrows. And a traitor to that Order.


Young, handsome, charming member of the Order of the Black Arrows, Kavan was rescued from the Grauls by our merry band of heroes. Kavan quickly became one of the lead scouts among an order of talented scouts. Prefers light bladed weapons and daggers.

Our heroes suspected something with the young ranger when they found a Sihedron tattoo on his left calf. Although, Kavan explained that it was the tattoo given to VIPs of the Paradise Gambling Barge, and that “many people have it. Check in Turtleback Ferry, you’ll see.”

Even believing his explanation, Erekhil suspected Windstrike was hiding something darker, and our heroes were able to deduce, with a combination of interrogation techniques, that Kavan was the traitor among the Order of the Black Arrows. Kavan provided information on the defensive weaknesses of Fort Rannik to his “beloved”, the gambling barge owner, Lucrecia, and volunteered for patrol to assure that he would be away from the fort when the Kreeg Ogres struck. He was to meet Lucrecia in town and run away together, but met the Grauls, instead.

When his treachery was discovered, Jakardros Sovarak ordered his execution, per the laws of the order, and Kavan was taken away by Bran Fernel and his sons, sobbing and begging for forgiveness, to a tree and hung while the last of the Black Arrows stood in grim witness.

Kavan Windstrike

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