Giaus Vandroxan

Lindin's father and the preeminent plantation owner in the Sandpoint Region


The well respected, much admired father of Lindin, Gaius is the son of the first farmer in Sandpoint and is considered the “Fifth Noble” of the town. His estate of Aethelstan, “Noble Stone,” rivals the estates of any of the nobles on the Bluff.

Wields considerable influence over municipal matters by controlling a solid voting block of the farming community. However, he’s always judged as fair and is more than willing to compromise on matters for the good of the community.

Although he can trace his family’s ancestry back to the old lords of pre-devil worshipping Cheliax, and is proud of his untainted, if graying, black hair, he’s a passionate supporter of Vasarian/Shoanti rights in the region. While this has earned him respect from the indigenous populations, it often puts him at odd with his fellow Chelaxians.

Giaus Vandroxan

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