Cerebral Sheriff of Sandpoint. Known as "The Scribe."


While most of Sandpoint believe Aelfred would have been better served becoming a scholar rather than a warrior, the town still thought that it would be Sergeant-at-Arms Aelfred who would succeed Sheriff Casp Avertin when he retired, but, upon his murder at the hands of Chopper, the post was given to Belor Hemlock.

Whispers abound that is was Aelfred who deduced the quiet wood carver was Chopper, and it is on record that he ordered Hemlock to find and detain Stoot, ultimately allowing the Shoanti watchman to find the murderer’s dead body and discover his gruesome hidden lair under his island home.

Although passed over for the sheriff’s position, Aelfred doesn’t show any signs of resentment or disappointment. He still goes about his business with his professor-like air and mild disposition.

He was named Sheriff of Sandpoint after Belor Hemlock’s death during the giant raid on Sandpoint. He mourns the death of his brother, Aeldred, during the same giant attack.


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