Lady Shayliss Vandroxan

Super hot daughter of the General Store owner, Vin. She used to be known to be what some might call "easy," but now she's known as Lady.


Shayliss needed Lindin’s help with a “rat problem” in the General Store’s basement but quickly proved the only problem she had was keeping her bodice on. Her father caught her and Lindin deep in action and while Lindin’s explanation soothed the father, it didn’t sit well with the daughter.

But, all’s well that ends well. After a heartwarming courtship, Lindin and Shayliss married in a very brief and very small affair in the moments before the Heroes of Sandpoint departed to destroy Mokmurian’s forces at Jorgenfist.

She is looking forward to taking up residence at Fort Rannik.

Lady Shayliss Vandroxan

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