Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Spotted by the Dragons

The Streets Run Red with Blood

Lamashan 28 – 29, 4708 AR

Taking the day after climbing the hidden stairs to reconnoiter the skies, trying to find a pattern to the dragons’ flight plans, and the streets, for giant patrol’s patterns, the Heroes of Sandpoint realized the dragons, mercurial, fly to the beat of their own wings, while the giants marched in more predictable patterns. So, armed with this information, our noble band decided to lure the flying beasts to the coliseum and defeat them there before their giant allies can come to their aid.

With their plan agreed upon, and eating another hearty meal of some form of greasy stew made of some kind of greasy meat, the Lord of the Hook and his untitled and unlanded allies rested before their next strike against Xin-Shalast.

The next morning broke sunny but the air was frigid. The wind whipped unmercifully down one street, but was deathly still down the next. But, this wasn’t some collection of rank amateurs. They are the Heroes of Sandpoint; Champions of Magnimar; the Eradicators of the outlaw, Thorgood Lovehandle; Slayers of the Grauls and the Kreegs. These are stalwart heroes that laid low Freezemaw the White and stood toe to toe with giants at every opportunity. This group knew what was expected of them and they were steeled against the harsh weather through a combination of magical spells and magical gear.

And off they went, creeping through the ruined, cyclopean city avoiding patrols of giants and watching the sun filled sky for dragons.

But, for all their protection, their pedigree, and experience, what they weren’t steeled against was noise and soon enough their bumbling brought the attention of a white dragon, an adult of several hundred years old by the look. Banking overhead and quickly spotting our heroes, the white shrieked a cry to his draconic brethren and swooped in for the kill.

Still hundreds of feet away from the coliseum where they planned to engage the dragons, our heroes were caught in the middle of a giants sized street, the huge buildings towering over them, shadowing their battlefield.

Strafing the group with a blast of frigid breath, the white took a moment to claw and bite into Bahne, the Highlord of Wrath in all his flame covered glory, and ranger before flying off, clinging to a building above and calling for support. Arrows rained into the white who then flew in for another wave of breath weapon and clawing.

While the dragon’s breath weapon and claws punished the group, flaming arrows and flame based magic exacted a terrible toll on the dragon, forcing him out of combat, to cling onto a wall to heal his battered and burned body, then flying off.

Sensing this might be the best time to withdraw from this unexpected encounter, the Lord of the Hook shouted to his comrades to flee, back to their safe house, and took off running, north. Erekhil, invisible thanks to the sorcerer’s magic, was quickly on the ranger’s tail, but while their remaining companions were about to flee with him, the black shadow of impending doom banked overhead and, with terrifying speed, mere feet from the dwarf, sorcerer and cleric, Ghlorofaex landed and unleashed a terrible bolt of electricity.

While the heroes were not prepared from the white dragon’s cold breath, the electrical breath from Glorofaex and his kin Ayra had accounted for, and the dragon’s energy was absorbed harmlessly by the priestess’s spells. Deivon, magically hidden and using a decoy, returned fire and scampered out of harm’s way, seeking a better firing position than right within the dragon’s reach.

Bahne’s hammer pounded into the dragon who returned the favor with a terrifying combination of claws, biting, tail slaps and wing attacks. Blood flowed freely from the dwarf, oozing out of his mithral plate, but he still stood firm against the dragon, trusting his comrade, Ayra, would provide him the healing he’d need to defeat this terrible foe.

Ayra did support her comrades using Calistria’s power to heal damaged bodies. Erekhil began to return to the fray while Lindin launched a long range, yet deadly accurate flaming arrow into the mighty blue. But, as soon as the arrow flew, another blue dragon, younger, but still deadly, swooped down from the sky, landing to savage the ranger.

The battle further south in the street was a brutal affair of man versus beast, dwarven pride versus draconic vanity, and it was not for the faint of heart. Flesh was rent, dragon scales battered, armor cleaved to pieces and blood flew in ghastly sprays. But, still the combatants faced each other, neither backing down

Ayra provided what support she could, taking her fair share of dragon blows, but keeping the dwarf standing. Deivon, still working his way around to a protected firing position, made good use of his illusionary double when the white dragon, smelling blood, returned to engage the illusion, foolishly falling from the glamer.

While the white dragon attacked an illusion, Erekhil, still invisible, worked himself into position against the smaller blue to deliver a timely sneak attack against his unwary foe. The sellsword’s blades carved deep cuts into the dragon’s soft flesh while Lindin’s arrows found their mark. Although the dragon continued to land her powerful blows, the combined assault of the two humans proved too much to overcome and the dragon fell in a bloodied mess.

Ghlorofaex, not having a cleric to provide immediate healing, flew off, perching on top of one of the massive structures, screeched in anger, and cast healing spells on his battered body. With a reprieve, the dwarven Highlord of Wrath, moved to engage the white dragon. The white dragon snapped his mighty jaw at the dwarf, biting down hard, but the dwarf delivered the killing blow, pounding the white to a bloodied pulp.

But, soon Ghlorofaex was back to the attack. Lindin’s arrows struck true, finding soft spots in the old blue’s thick scales. Deivon returned to the battle, finding a secure firing position and unleashing an arcane barrage on the dragon. Bahne, bloodied but unbowed, continued to bludgeon the creature with his magical earthbreaker. Ghlorofaex was no fool, and with the combined offense of the Heroes of Sandpoint arrayed against him alone, he was about to withdraw to fight another day.

But, it was too late.

Deivon Altorre cast a fire ball that overcame the inherent magical protection the dragon possessed and the blast blew off the side of Ghlorofaex’s head and neck. The mighty dragon twitched, stared in shocked confusion, then fell in a bloodied and charred heap onto the nearest building.

But, there was no time to celebrate. More foemen neared as Erekhil’s keen hearing picked up the heavy footfalls of giants echoing from the alleyway just north of him. From that location, two Rune Giants, in all their black skinned their rune covered glory, charged forth, and carved a path of destruction through our heroes.

With spells and healing running low, the Heroes of Sandpoint readied themselves for more desperate combat. The Rune Giants’ glowing runes erupted in a wave of fire and electrical energy, searing the group while their huge greatswords cut Bahne nearly in two, felling the mighty dwarf.

The remaining heroes returned fire with arrows, spells and sword cuts, bleeding their foes, but did not appear to do much damage. One Rune Giant stuffed the dying Bahne into his sack of rocks and stepped back to coordinate his attacks with his companion.

Ayra, with her magical ability to gauge the condition of her allies, got as close to the giants as she could and cast a wave of healing towards the dwarf, hoping it would revive the dwarf. It was enough, as Ayra picked up his life sign and continued to heal him from a distance.

In the meantime, the combined attacks of the ranger, sorcerer and sellsword killed the giant carrying Bahne. The second Rune Giant, not wanting to meet the same fate, and hoping to call for aid, began to withdraw until the Lord of the Hook issued a lordly challenge, stopping the giant in his tracks, forcing him to return to the punish the human for his temerity.

That was the wrong choice for the giant. For now, with Bahne healed and eager to kill, the five battle-hardened heroes stood against this lone foe and quickly dispatched him. With that, the battlefield went eerily quiet.

Scanning the skies and straining their hearing to discern any newly approaching foes, our heroes felt secure for the moment. Setting up a perimeter, they cut off Ghlorofaex’s head for Svevenka and pilfered whatever magic items they could find. With those tasks complete, the Heroes of Sandpoint calmly and quietly withdrew back to the skulks, with their mission accomplished.

[Cue…Music. Cue…Slo-Mo, Bad Ass, walking montage…]


Crane shot pulls back slowly from closeup, revealing a giant-scale ruined street littered with the corpses of dragons and giants…

Hell yeah!

Spotted by the Dragons

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