Elmhurst Geeks and the Rise of the Runelords

Entering Xin-Shalast

Our Heroes are Pushed to the Brink

Lamashan 18, 4708 AR

A sudden explosion from a thunderstone thrown by one of the vile, flying creatures started a stampede of angry aurochs heading straight for our heroes. Avoiding the giant beasts as best as they could, the Heroes of Sandpoint rallied themselves to face these flying foes and gain entrance to the city of Xin-Shalast; the city they’ve sought these long weeks.

The battle was violent, and it ebbed and flowed with both sides seizing the advantage, only to relinquish it moments later. The flight of the bird men made engaging them in melee difficult, and the ranger and sorcerer were left to assault them with their ranged capabilities. The bird creatures’ thick arrows tore into the flesh of our heroes as some attacked from range while their companions used well-practiced fly-by attacks to inflict additional damage.

But, these winged beasts could not stand against the combined might of our heroes and they fell to hammer, arrow, sword and spell. When the battle ended, and silence descended upon the cyclopean, black fortress, and only the sound of the wind whipping through the towers was heard, Lindin Vandroxan strode forward and shouted, in Thassilonian, a defiant challenge to any foe that may be lurking, “We’re here, giants!!!! Come and face us!!!”

And, moments later, two did.

Two gargantuan creatues, skin black as night, with glowing and crackling Thassilonian runes tattooed upon their bodies, strode into the fortresses’ courtyard. Clad in thick, grim armor and wielding swords big enough to bisect a house, they were death incarnate and quickly cleaved the ranger into a mass of broken bones, blood and gore.

With their ranged warriors in a heap of death on the ground, hope seemed lost, but, our heroes’ hoisted weapons, prayed and chanted arcane verses, and bravely faced their new foes.

And, quickly, they began to fall.

The towering giants, a mass of muscle and savagery, carved a path of destruction through the group from Sandpoint, the likes of which they’ve never faced before. Deivon Altorre, the Varisian Sorcerer, kept wave after wave of offensive magic assaulting the giants, but they soon cut him down, laughing over his battered body, and stuffing him in pouch for later consumption.

Erekhil, the sell-sword of Korvosa, did his sword-dance and he sprung in and out of the fray, but the giants’ reach was long, and soon he too had fallen to the applied violence. Meanwhile, Bahne Verember, dwarf fighter, stout of spirit, put his mighty earthbreaker to work, applied maximum violence his two giant foes until their blows rendered him unconscious.

And so it seemed that this would be the final fight for the Heroes of Sandpoint, and high, under the peak of Mhar Massif, their adventures would come to a brutal and forgotten end.

Invisibly trying to keep her allies alive, Ayra Lenoriel, the half-elf priestess of Calistria, found her resources stretched to their limit and realized she had little chance of surviving this battle gamely stayed with her group, surreptitiously using Calistria’s grace to heal the dwarf.

As the fighter was being healed, the two giants, bloodied but unbowed, began to toy with the body of the sell-sword, who was doing his best to play dead. Playfully, they tossed the sell-sword back and forth between themselves until they decided they would each grab and end tear in him half. At this point, Ayra whispered a prayer to her goddess and created a barrier of blades around the two unsuspecting giants, tearing into them forcing them to drop the sell-sword and turn their attention elsewhere.

With their armor and flesh shredded, the giants turned their attention toward the dwarf who was back on his feet, charging for one last attack. While the dwarf’s hammer was rising for a blow, Ayra quickly uttered another prayer to Calistria, realizing that it might be her last, summoning the powers of necromancy to deliver Destruction upon one of her foes. The giant was strong, but could not withstand the righteous power of the cleric’s spell, and was consumed utterly in holy fire.

The giant, not suspecting any additional attacks, swung his huge blade wildly at the dwarf, which barely missed. Thanking Torag for his luck, Bahne Verember landed a series of vicious, pitiless blows that crushed the giant, killing him.

Erekhil, trapped behind the blade barrier, began to recover from the massive trauma he received and regained his senses. Bahne and Ayra surveyed the scene as the priestess dispelled her barrier and they reunited with their sell-sword. Realizing they could not survive any further combat, they gathered the bodies of their fallen comrades and made their way into the town, searching for a place to recover away from any further foes.

Tired, battered and bloodied, the trio found an abandoned home, deep within the back alley maze of the city, and, hoping for the best, rested, their eyes and ears alert for any sign of the enemy.


As fine an ass-kicking as we’ve ever been on the receiving end of. I don’t think we’ve ever had 2 PCs die in a fight before.

Entering Xin-Shalast

Yeah. We’ve had a couple of whuppins during this campaign, but none so complete and almost total…

Entering Xin-Shalast

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